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A + 19 : Towels

From Amos we sailed the whole day west, rounded the Bozburun peninsula and sailed into Hisarönü bay. Our hostess was a law student - working on the Carpe Diem V was her summer job. She wanted us to meet her mother who was a town merchant and would meet us in the bay in her little boat.

Upon arrival in the bay we anchored close to this island - the photo is from the internet - since then the islands have disappeared from Google Map - wonder what is happening.

As promised, Genem's mother came over with a huge load of towels

Given the good price she made, everybody bought a whole stack of towels

Before leaving we went over to the mystery island and climbed on top of it. The structure looked castle like but the walls are not strong enough. Maybe it was an old hermitage.

Time to leave and sail to Symi in Greece - we will have to immigrate which surely will take at least two hours

A good two hours later we arrive - Symi looks as pretty as always

A big Ferry Boat had just arrived - guess immigration will take a little longer - and do it did!

The beautiful old harbour

Dinner is going to be on the Carpe Diem V though - unfortunately, most restaurants here are just tourist traps

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