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B - 28 : Sailing Along Four Empires

Hi All

Resume my blog again from last year to provide background information and anecdotal details on the trip we are going on this summer. Put in more detailed planning to avoid the surprise of last year when the Meltemi blew us off course in the second week and forced us to come up with a new plan for the third week on the fly. It was very nice though to discover the old towns of Lydia and Caria in southern Anatolia and that is where we continue this year. We are going to sail from Göçek north of Rhodes to Jaffa in Israel.

The Persian Empire at its Peak in the 5th Century BC

Alexander's Empire did not last long and decayed into 4 parts when he died in 323 BC

Whilst Venetian Merchants sailed along these coasts during the times of the crusades and battled Genoa for naval supremacy (the result was not decisive), the trade routes they followed were pioneered by Phoenician and Greek sailors two thousand years earlier.

We are thus going to see very ancient towns which had their heydays during the Persian, Roman or Ottoman Empire. Not sure how to describe Alexander the Great in this context. He basically conquered the Persian Empire and run it as it was.

The Roman Empire in the 2nd Century AD - temporarily Rome also controlled Armenia and Mesopotamia down to the Gulf of Persia

Hope to write my blog at least every second day throughout July. Many details though are already covered in the Travel Brochure which I distributed in March already.

The Ottoman Empire at its Peak in the 16th century AD

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