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C + 10 : Josip's Bunkers

Engines started today at 5 am to get us to the island of Vis where we had tickets for the Blue Caves at 8 am. The caves are inside/below the rock that looks like the Rock of Gibraltar.

Blue Caves Bay “Ello skipper - have reservation? - he? - reseeeervaaation? - oh good! - follow me - now - yes now! - am cave manager - yes - yes, cave manager - where is money? - here, plastic bag - yes! - you follow me now? - yes? - no? - yes now! - all ready - yes, now! - go in boat - yes! yes! very safe! - my boat, yes! - now!”

The Cave Hustler with his clear and precise instructions...:-)

Cave entrance - we had to crouch in the boat to get inside the cave

A hand in the water reflecting entire light spectrum whilst we saw only the blue wave length

Another cave boat

Current position whilst writing this blog

In the afternoon we visited Tito’s old U-Boat base just north of Vis Town. Everybody got very thrilled when Captain Mustafa told us we could get inside with the tender

Tito’s U-Boat bunker entrance

Inside at 200 m

Main entrance from inside

On the way to Vis Bay where we will anchore tonight we saw Fort George on the hill overlooking the harbour. The English took it from the French in 1813 when the Royal

Navy needed a deep sea harbour. Today, Fort George offers the “best destination weddings” in Croatia and “Resistance Parties” with renowned DJs from 11 pm to 4 am. I guess we get free disco music tonight!!!!!

Fort George - wonder what a "Resistance Party" is?

For us it will be Entrecôte night whilst gently rocking in the Bay of Vis!

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