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C + 21 : After nine weeks on the Sea we made it from Jaffa to Venice

Just when we thought we had outrun the Bora, he eventually got us. Without any warning, a gale set in just after 2 am with windspeed of 40 kn before calming down 60 minutes later. In our confined bay, the Bora wiped waves up to 2 meters - the sea anchors could not hold the boats any longer and had it not been for the Dragonfly's tender, our two boats would have collided. Luckily, our crews were on the watch. A few of us got a bit seasick but all was fine except one broken toe from a slammed door. Outch! We had enough people trained in first aid so could take properly care of it. Never underestimate the Bora. We should have checked the wind charts after dinner before going to sleep

Raising the Italian flag one hour into our last journey

For several hours we followed the Italian coast liner - all beaches with neatly lined up chairs

By 2.30 pm the entrance to the Venetian Lagoon was close - we spotted the first local sails

The Renaissance Fortezza Sant' Angelo protected Venice from enemy navies - we passed right under the gun ports - the channel here is only 15 meters wide

Manoeuvring our boats in the shallow harbour was challenging - lots of shouting between the Captains and the Italian guides - in the end we ordered water taxis and disembarked in open waters - the Captains were relieved.

Bye Dragonfly - home for three weeks - you carried us all the way from Albania to Venice!

Where we had planned to land three years ago - but our agent forgot to book the pier ...

A cloud in the sky does not make bad weather - the

Gondolas we pre-booked waited and we all switched

A Coat of Arms on one of Venice's bridges - carved Pietra d'Istria - we know where it is from

On the way to the Ca' Sagredo

Rialto where all the goods. coming from the Middle East were traded - we thought of Acre

Looking over the Canale Grande and the Rialto Market - With this photo our 3 year journey ended. What's next? Wasn't there another great Italian sea power called Genoa? Hmm...

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