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C + 9 : Marco Polo's Crib Has Moved

It’s Sunday today but the bells of the church did not ring this morning. Mljet National Park - the island about 20 miles south of Korcula - is very peaceful and but also almost uninhabited

I The Dragonfly on the way to Korcula

Engines started at 10 am. The traverse to Korcula takes two hours. There was a strong wind and swell from the north. We had to set the sail to keep the Dragonfly stable.

Korcula from the South

We arrived in Korcula just before 12 am. On the way, we ordered 36 bottles of Grk, the famous white wine from Lumbarda, the island’s eastern most village. Crew 1 had successfully depleted our wine stock. The wine was waiting at the pier.

Our hostess Raphaella with the new stock

Of course everybody wanted to visit the birthplace of Marco Polo, the famous Venetian merchant who travelled to China and wrote a book about his trip in 1289 when he was a prisoner of war in Genoa.

Korcula is in much better shape than in 2004 when I was here last time. Many buildings are now renovated, the charming alley ways are full of small restaurants and tourist shops and the water in the harbour is crispy clean.

Main road through Korcula ... and ....!!! Marco Polo’s house had moved. It was once situated at the main road but it is now just to its right. Wonder on how much archeological evidence the new claim is based. Maybe the house will move to the left next time or the title is portable and transfers from home to home every few years. 🤔🙄? But we love the story of Marco Polo anyway.

Marco Polo’s birthplace

Whilst we wondered about the “portable” house, we realised that nobody bought Krunas to pay the 2.5 Kr entry fee. But whilst an American couple haggled with the ticket vendor about the entry price, we slipped by and nobody stopped us.

The Dragonfly in the Korcula Bay - half of the sailing crew swam back to the boat

Time to say Good-bye to this adorable little town - Korcula from the north

The windy channel between the islands of Orebic and Korcula has become a wind and kite surfer paradise - we had to use the ship’s loud horn to get through them

Reforested area on the western part of Korcula - the island was once Venice’s main timber supplier in the Adriatic

Vela Luka where we stay tonight - the town is completely built in Austrian style

Friends from McKinsey came over for dinner - they sail from Venice to Koto this summer

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