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D + 1: Cinque Terre

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

First full day of sailing. We got up at 7 am for some kayaking and left at 9 am for Porto Venere. There was a tiny bit of wind but our efforts to set sail failed. We would have been crawling along Cinque Terre. This part of Liguria belonged to Genoa since the early 12th century and was for two centuries disputed between Pisa and La Superba. Eventually, Genoa won in 1286. After a few centuries of peaceful development, the Ottoman backed corsairs arrived in the 16th century. The villages of Cinque Terre were forced to retreat to higher ground and fortify. The beauty we admire today was actually a necessity to survive. On the way down Cinque Terre we stopped in Vernazza. There were plenty of tourists but far fewer than in an ordinary year. Covid-19 stopped many people from travelling. Towards the evening we arrived at Porto Venere in a stream of Italian motorboats heading home to La Spezia after a day out on the sea. It is Sunday evening – maybe the Italians have to go back to work – maybe.

Saying farewell to Portofino - still a beautiful place - even if completely overrun

Keeping a steady course South - East

Our first week of sailing

Time for an excursion after two third of the way - we wanted to go to Vernazza. However the Italian Coast Guard told us to stay outside the 3 miles zone since out boat was too big. We had to take the little dingy.

There is a lucrative ferry business for the locals - nobody is allowed to enter the small harbour - the transfer cost EUR 20.- for three

On the way in we say the strata of theTethys Sea floor which are making up the Italian peninsula

The picturesque harbour of Vernazza today

View from Vernazza's Doria Tower towards Monterosso al Mare

Back on the boat we continued to Porto Venere

Finally arrived at Porto Venere - just were you see the sailboat

Porto Venere - we are here - tomorrow we will climb the Doria Castle which is to the right

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