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A + 10 : Monemvassia - Greek's Gibraltar

On the next day we motored against strong headwinds up the Peloponnese's East Coast to reach Monemvassia, a town founded by refugees. Its defences were so strong that the Crusaders never could take it by force. When the Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453, it held out first independently then after 1464 with the help of a Venetian garrison. In 1540 however, it was ceded by Venice to Turkey after they lost their third war with the Empire.

Approaching Monemvassia from the South - the Rock acts as perfect wind shield

Going on shore to visit the small town, we discovered how much bigger Monemvassia was during its heydays. It was huge! The Bell Tower looks like being inspired by the Campanile!

Climbing up the steep path to the Acropolis which was abandoned at one point in time

Climbing up we enjoyed this great view on Monemvassia

The only intact building in the Acropolis is the big Orthodox Church which was recently refurbished with EU money - the guard insisted that we pay no entrance fee since we were EU citizens

View from the top of the Acropolis down to the old harbour. Carpe Diem V is the boat with the two masts. There were so many ruined buildings on top - no idea how old they were - but they seemed to be in ruins for several hundred years.

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