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A + 11 : Meltemi - No 1

Of course we were warned about the Meltemi but reading about and hearing of it is not the same as experiencing this strong north wind. We had three days to cross from Monemvassia to Bodrum thus could not avoid it Anyway, sporty as we were, we just sailed into it. Our only downside was the design of our Turkish Gulet Carpe Diem V which is built for coast hopping not for rough sailing. It more a floating brick than a sailboat. But so what the heck!

Yes it got a little wet on the way to Milos where we stayed for the night

Meltemi - typical summer wind in the Aegean Sea - as so perfectly described in Wikipedia

Whilst not perfect, the sails helped stabilise the boat

Our crew was rather relaxed and decided to hide behind the Captain

It took nine hours to get to Milos but we got there - no winds in the harbour - a good night's sleep was secured

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