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A + 14 : Bodrum, Turkey

Early in the morning, we left Kalimnos and headed for Bordum to get the boat restocked, bid farewell to the old crew of sailors and say hello to the next "batch".

Arriving in Bodrum. The Castle of the Knights of St John who's main residence was on Rhodes dominates the harbour. It fell without a fight to the Ottoman's after they forced the Knights to leave Rhodes in 1522.

Finding a place to anchor in the busy harbour is always a challenge on a weekend

All the boats on the Quai restock for the next guests to come

Most efficient way to get bottled water on the boat - for a chain and throw it up!

Bot not for the softer goods which are carefully hand carried to the Carpe Diem V

With the new sailor crew on board, it is time to leave and make some headway on our way to Knidos, the Ancient Greek town we want to visit tomorrow

This Bay half-way will do for staying for the night - the memories of Meltemi are far away

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