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E - 139 : My Greatest Reward - Happy Faces

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

My name is Konstantinos Kamanas and I’ve been a Private, Yacht Chef, for the past 8 years.

I love my profession but I must admit that it is very demanding, because it is one thing to cook on solid ground and another to cook in the middle of the ocean, especially when there isn’t a fair wind that keeps the boat stable

Early Morning on the AFAET - one of my favourite Moments in the Day

Nevertheless, it is beautiful to wake up at 6.00 am and while drinking my coffee in front of the boat, prepare the day schedule and smell the sea breeze.

Cooking on the Open Sea is easiest when the Boat is under Sail and stable

And then the day begins...with breakfast, which has already been decided with all the details according to the passengers’ demands, from the previous day. Most of the time I ‘m sitting with the guests during breakfast discussing their schedule, the menu of the day and any other preferences. But I also keep in mind any allergies that I have been aware of before the charter even begins. In our small kitchen, our means are limited and I have to be aware of our limitations.

Shall we have Sea bass today? Me on the deck next to my fresh Basil and Mints

But I’m fully prepared as I’m responsible for the F&B supplies of the ship and I must anticipate any wish or need of the clients or members of the crew. Food brings joy and satisfaction and I want everyone, aboard, to be happy.

Lobster Linguine is always a Hit with the Guests

Sometimes, when we have arrived at a port, and after breakfast, I have time to get off this ship and explore the local market. I search for something special or something remarkable from the local products that we should taste. I love exploring new things. It is exciting!

The Saturday Morning Market in Bastia in Corsica - I love getting inspired by the fresh Produce I find here and ever so often change my Menu Plan - Love seasonal Dishes!

When I’ve finished shopping for the “goodies” ,I hurry back to the ship because I must begin the preparation for lunch and time flies.

Of course everything has to be stowed away once back on Board

One of my challenges is to be always on time without sacrificing the taste and presentation of the dishes. There isn’t a bigger pleasure for a Chef than the compliments of satisfied clients. And I must say that this comes as a result of good team work and coordination with the rest of the crew, and above all with the Captain of the ship who is completely informed of all the details that concern our passengers and our journey. At this point I must refer to Captain Nikos Makarantzis, who is one of the most capable and cooperative captains I’ve met during my career.

Captain Nikos trying to help with the Menu - we did not catch anything that day

After lunch is served, I have some free time to rest. During these breaks, I have often ideas about new deserts or new dishes and sometimes can’t help going earlier to the kitchen to just try it.

Some of my Guests asked for Linguine Vongole - so I just made them

After my break, it is time to start dinner, which I prefer to be light but significant for a perfect ending of a beautiful day.

My Guests also ask me about Wines - Here are three Vermentino from Liguria and Corsica

A tasty, well prepared meal with a bottle of fine wine and the sea breeze is what I aim for. After coffee, digestives and some chocolates it is usually time to say good night – my day is over.

The happy faces of our passengers is my greatest reward and gives me the boost and energy I need for the next day and the day after until the end of our journey.


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