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A + 16 : Loryma

Destination for today is the old fortress of Loryma (Bozukkale in Turkish = broken castle) opposite Rhodes. Have read two contradicting stories about its origins. One says it was the harbour for an attack on Rhodes in the 5th century BC, the other that it was a harbour for the Rhodesian fleet. Be it as it may, the castle is 335m long and only 35m wide but has precisely chiselled walls of almost 2m thickness.

On the way to Bozukkale - the flags represent our sailing crew

Upon arrival in the bay we got greeted by local merchants who made their tiny boats their stores. We recognised them from 2012 when we were here the last time

The ancient fortress of Loryma has seen only little restoration work but remains impressive

View from the fortress on the bay, the former Rhodesian war port. At the end of the bay are the ruins of the small town of Loryma which is still a Titular See of the Catholic Church

Could not find any research paper on Loryma - apparently it was a small town of 50 houses only and was an important religious centre with its own bishop. Today, very little remains except a few well preserved walls

Back to the Carpe Diem V for some swimming and dinner

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