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A + 17 : Kaunas and the Mud Bath

After Loryma we decided to head further east to an old Caria town called Kaunas. It once had direct access to the sea but 2'000 years of silting closed it off. It is now about 1 km inland. The old harbour though is still visible and gives you a good impression of the former size and glory of Kaunas. It was an important trading post which was abandoned sometimes in the 8th century like Knidos. To get to it, we had to leave the Carpe Diem V off the shore and rent a small local tuck-tuck boat with a noisy and smelly little engine.

On the way to Kaunas - the towns Acropolis is just above the truck-tuck boat. The hill with the harbour citadel to the left

On the way into Kaunas the Turkish tuck-tuck boat owner wanted us to see the marsh turtles which are feed by local fishermen - all available for a baksheesh.

We had other ideas and bought the entire box of blue crabs - dinner for tonight!

Above the Greek style theatre are the remains of the Acropolis. In 2012 Barnes and I climbed up there in flip flops - it took as an hour to get back! But the Acropolis was worth it! But use better shoes though next time.

Inside the theatre - am always amazed how little the Turkish Government does to preserve these sites. Even though the Turks came from the Central Asian steps and conquered Anatolia by force, this Carian town is still a valuable and unique heritage.

Kaunas' temple district

View over the marshes which now separate Kaunas from the sea - the harbour citadel to the right protected by a long wall which is still easily visible

Water pipes are still lining the streets in Kaunas - amazing that such stuff survives

View on the old harbour and the harbour citadel

Continuing inland we passed the ancient graves of the Carian Nobles and Kings which were carved into the rocks behind the town

Whilst some of us had to visit the smelly mud baths - the sulphur smells like old fart - the more prudent people made a different choice

Turkey's cultural proximity to Germany does not only produce durable industrial goods but also very tasty beer in a Muslim country

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