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B + 0 : St Nicolas in the Mediterranean?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

After a light lunch in Göçek, we could board the Carpe Diem V and start our journey. First destination where we wanted to stay overnight was the island Gemiler Adasi, the site of an old Christian monastery where - according to legend - Saint Nicholas was burried.

The Carpe Diem V in the Harbour of Göçek near Dalaman Airport

For the first week, there were eight nations on board - glad we did not cross any border!

On the way to Gemiler Adasi we crossed this fisherman. But it was too late in the day. The guys had no fish left

Gemiler Adesi - our St Nicholas island - yes: le père noël. There are several claims as to where he is buried. His home town Myra which we are going to visit as well, claims he was buried in his own church there - which was erected 200 years after his death! Will have to write a blog about him at some point in time - in the meantime, Wikipedia has an excellent post on him.

Enjoying our first sunset on top of Gemiler Adesi and looking down on the church chiseled into the rock which was St Nicholas first tomb. During the crusades his bones were "sent for protection" to Bari where a giant cathedral is devoted to him. I guess they were stolen since relics had a high monetary value in the Middle Ages.

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